J.M Vet Group

The new line of functional snacks with no artificial colourings.
DOG:                                                    CAT:
- INULIN = healthy intestine                  - BIOTIN & OMEGA 3 = glossy coat
- VIT D3 = strong bones                       - VIT D3 = strong bones
- VIT. E = cell protection                       - TAURINE = visual organ health
- OMEGA 3 = glossy coat                     - VIT. E = cell protection

NEW: Now available also the Stuzzy Friends snacks FILLED WITH TASTE AND WELL-BEING.
The snack line that has been specifically designed to guarantee their well-being. Stuzzy Friends, with its complete range of practical snacks with no artificial colorings.
Anti-Hairball (cat): to help the digestion of hairballs
Skin & Coat (cat & dog): to help ensure the well-being of skin and a beautiful coat
Dental Crock (dog): for stronger teeth and healthy gums
Sterilized (cat): to help keep cats that tend to gain weight in excellent shape
Fantasy Mix (cat): for an ultra-tasty, completely safe snack.


- for cats: Meaty Sticks 6x5g and 3x6g.
- for dogs: Meaty Stripes 120g and 200g;
- Filled pillow for cats: 50g.
- Filled pillows for dogs: 80g
Fantasy 150g; Meaty Sticks 5x11g
and 12g; Giant 2x120g; Dental Premium
110g and 210g.

- Filled pillow for cats: 50g.
- Filled pillows for dogs: 80g

You may also visit www.agras-delic.it for more information.