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You shop for your cat food at a specialist shop and so demonstrate that you are especially meticulous when it comes to selecting the nutrition range for your darling pet.
Being nutrition specialists, we at bosch Tiernahrung are aware of our responsibility and have developed a top-quality cat food which has been formulated in accordance with the latest scientific findings.
Sanabelle - the new High Premium range for cats.
The Sanabelle nutrition range provides exactly the right food for every stage of your cat’s life - it is very tasty, well-balanced, contains all the essential vitamins, nutrients and roughage, is rich in poultry-meat and is the appropriate croquette size. The unique combination of very high quality berries (cranberries and bilberries) as well as blooms of marigold in all formulas shows the competency of this high premium cat food.
Sanabelle naturally contains no artificial colours, preservatives or aromas, and is manufactured without genetically modified organisms. Sanabelle is available in aroma-sealed packs with the practical re-sealable ZIP system and aroma preservation valve (Fresh Pack).
Sanabelle is available is more than 60 countries in the world and now we are happy to be able to provide this superb food to your beautiful cats in Iran.
To obtain more information about Sanabelle products you can ask about its Farsi brochure from the nearest pet clinic or petshop to you. you may also visit www.bosch-tiernahrung.de for more information.