J.M Vet Group

Flamingo was established in 1972 by René van Tendeloo, who turned his passion (birds) into his profession. After having worked from his home for many years, larger premises were acquired in 1985. In 1993, Erwin van Tendeloo succeeded his father as owner of the company and immediately decided to construct a new building, which was taken into use in 1994. The first steps had been taken in the Dutch and French markets. Export operations started simultaneously with the foundation of Pet Partners, which moved into the former premises

A period of various acquisitions now followed: Grano (B), Koemans (NL), Jacobs (B), Hoogenboom (NL) and Wolfs (B) were acquired in succession between 1995 and 2004. The accompanying growth meant that the now extended premises on the Bouwelven had become too small, and a decision was made to construct a completely new building that would also accommodate the integration of Pet Partners. In 2008, the German company Paulchen Heimtierbedarf was acquired. The rapid growth meant that various premises had to be rented, and this prompted the decision to construct a second building in the vicinity of the current location. Construction work has started and the new building will be taken into use in the fourth quarter of 2009.

J.M Vet Group

Since its establishment in 1972, Flamingo has developed into a leading international company in the domestic pet sector. Our own sales offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany handle the pet specialists and garden centres in these countries, while our export department maintains contacts with wholesalers and retail chains in more than 50 countries in and outside Europe. The deliveries are sent from the head office in Herentals, Belgium.

In order to be able to follow market developments our purchasers visit all the important trade fairs and suppliers worldwide. This is where production processes are monitored and we collaborate on the development of new ideas. Flamingo attaches a great deal of value to the packaging of its products. All articles are labelled with clear, consumer-oriented information in 8 languages. Ten of our marketing department staff work on this every day, while designers develop new products and follow the latest trends closely.

The orders are handled expertly in our warehouses by means of far-reaching computerisation. This guarantees fast deliveries to our clients.

Our range consists of the following article groups: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rodents, Aquarium and Terrarium. The Flamingo team, consisting of more than 200 employees, ensures that there are many satisfied pets throughout Europe that can enjoy the approximately 8500 Flamingo products.

Flamingo wants to work with its clients on building a leading international brand of pet accessories by means of a unique combination of creativity, quality, price and market necessities. This guarantees growth and security for our clients, staff and trading partners.

More than 50 representatives visit the pet specialists and garden centres in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. All other countries are handled by our export department. It is in daily contact with their clients – wholesalers and retail chains

Orders that we receive before 03:00 are prepared and shipped on the same day. This is possible partially due to our advanced computerisation process and the efficiency of our logistics system, which reduces errors to a minimum and guarantees rapid and correct shipping.

We attach a great deal of value to our clients’ opinions. We determine the product range and develop new articles together with them. Every month the range is adapted with more than 75 new articles in order for Flamingo to maintain its position as market leader. One of our core principles is:

The supply of innovative, high quality products at a price appropriate to the market.

A specialised team of staff supports clients with regard to shop decoration, range composition, pricing, product information and many other issues.

Flamingo boosts turnover in your store by delivering and installing complete, sophisticated concepts for all article groups!

Strength in unity!

Flamingo products can be found in the better pet specialist shops and garden centres.

We feel involved with the welfare of your pet!

You can also visit www.flamingo.be for more information and products details.