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Feeding with intolerances
Feed dogs correctly with sensitive digestive systems!
Domestic dogs have evolved in many respects from their ancestor, the wolf, and have adapted to living with humans. This is particularly true in terms of their digestion and metabolism, and basically their dietary habits. Today‘s complete foods are thus of an exceptionally high quality and are exactly tailored to the needs of dogs.The right food for any age and any activity level is ensured by specially formulated recipes based on scientific findings and by professional manufacturing processes, which are especially gentle on nutrients and products. However, many dogs also suffer from food intolerances or allergies.The symptoms may be as varied as the causes of a possible allergy. Some dogs suffer from itching or reddened skin while others tend to respond with gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, or diarrhea.What is happening is that the body (or the immune system) reacts to a specific protein contained in meat, fish, cereals, or dairy product identified as „foreign“, therefore fighting it as a consequence. This is not the case with oils and fats. Those are usually digested well and do not cause food intolerances. If a dog shows symptoms suggesting a food intolerance or allergy, one must first find out what exactly the immune system is responding to. The classical exclusion diet has indeed been proven to be the safest and most scientific method, since blood tests have often led to false positive results. As soon as an allergy or food intolerance is known, it is necessary to feed the dog with food not containing this critical component. For a more targeted feeding it is therefore useful to reduce the number of ingredients of such a special diet - in particular proteins. It is furthermore recommended to feed protein sources that are not (or only hardly) known to the immune system yet - as far as possible. While some sensitive dogs may also react to certain gluten-containing cereals, they have no issues with gluten-free potatoes. All of these nutritional aspects mentioned above are the basis of our newly developed PLUS line.

The special qualities of our new PLUS Line
The basis of the PLUS line are very reduced diets with few, but easily digestible single components. It should be emphasized that each PLUS product contains only one animal protein source - yet of an especially high quality. Our recipes neither contain dairy products nor eggs, which are usually used for additional animal protein in other similar products. In addition, all PLUS products are grain-free. Instead of cereals, the PLUS products mainly contain potatoes as highly digestible alternative carbohydrate source.

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