J.M Vet Group

Our goal at bosch Tiernahrung is steady a growth of the company, the ensuring of job safety and the provision of good relationships with our customers. There is a number of economical, social, ethnic, qualitative and environmental factors that come into play. Therefore we welcome a peaceful togetherness of different nationalities and ethnic groups openly and without prejudice. We adhere to all laws and requirements that are applicable to the company.

Since you as our valued customer have a relevant part in making this corporation successful, the improvement of customer satisfaction in center of our focus.

1. We are offering you a level of quality that caters to the requirements and wishes of our customers. This is true for the products as well as for customer service.

2. We carefully watch the market situation and look for new opportunities that may arise for our products and service. Thus we enlarge our connections to new suppliers and customers, which result in new product developments as well as an increase of quality.

3. By strictly monitoring our internal processes, through analyses and controls, through transparent manufacturing procedures and a continuous improvement of our technical equipment we create an ensured, steady quality of our products.

4. We ensure direct contact with our clients and therefore are able to provide fast solutions if problems or discrepancies arise.

5. We incorporate all our employees in the steady process of increasing the quality level.

6. The suppliers of our raw materials are under strict quality controls, which also are enforced through bosch Tiernahrung.

7. We have an additional quality ensuring system in place with is based on the HACCP. It furthers the efficiency of our quality controls, it improves the documentation and therefore the transparency of critical points and over all, the quality ensuring process is accelerated.

8. We are in close contact with the county officials in Blaufelden-Wiesenbach and our immediate neighbours. We strive to reach the best agreement possible in between the interests of our company and the wishes of the county and neighbours. When making new investments, we consider technical and organisational improvements to reduce dust, noise and odours that might be annoying to our neighbours.

Our success, which is the success of our products, rests on the following criteria:

  • Most modern equipment and facilities
  • Strict requirements for origin and quality of raw materials
  • Strict quality controls provided by our company as well as independent organisations
  • Intense scientific and development efforts
  • Close contacts with many recognised scientific institutions
  • Far-reaching international contacts
  • Diverse and committed leadership
  • Well-educated and experienced team of counselors
  • and last, but not least, cooperation with successful breeders and experienced dog and cat owners

This success is also proven by the fact that our quality products are distributed in over 35 countries worldwide.

Nutritionists, marketing experts, advisors, technicians, veterinaries and successful breeders work hand in hand to offer you a high quality food range, and to be a competent partner for questions concerning your pet. You can trust us in many ways.

Our versatility is the condition for the success of our pet food. We are specialists! And as specialists for pet food we offer you a program that is well thought through and scientifically based. It will be your pet´s successful companion from the first day on. Let our ability and our high quality products convince you!

You can also visit www.bosch-tiernahrung.de for more information and products details.