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The Cat Litter clumps just like a Flat Biscuit instantly. Baby powder scent exudes as soon as urine runs in to the cat litter.
Our Cat Litter provides the following properties;
i) Excellent unpleasant odor control, Absorption initiates as soon as urine runs in and the litter and it locks in the unpleasant odor.
ii) Natural White, The product is naturally white. Only white cat litter eases to detect even small dirt spots for easy removal. They are brought out from our own quarry.
iii) Very easy to dispose of (Scoopable - Clumping), It absorbs liquid and oil into ' scoopable ' clumps instantly just like a hard FLAT BISCUIT for easy waste removal.
iv) Baby Powder scented, Baby powder scent exudes right after the cat litter initiates swelling.
v) Hygenic, Unlike cellulose type cat litters, our cat litter prevents, germs' reproduction and reasons of bad odor absolutely. No tracking the feces outside the litter box as it has hard, fast clumping action.
vi) Long Lasting & Economical, Instant and high level swelling property ( % 320 of its volume ) provides our cat litters last longer. After removing and discarding clumps and solid waste, the remaining granules stay fresh, clean and odor-free.
vii) Environment friendly, As soon as the litter will be saturated with water over the clumping limits, it will turn back to its nature as, the origin of bentonite is earth.
viii) Non-Allergic, It is non-toxic and non-allergic as it is formulated from 100% natural bentonite clay.
ix) Homogeneous, No dust or lower dimensions exist at the bottom of the bags. 99 % dust-free, a healthier and cleaner litter-box environment has been provided.
x) Does not adhere to litter tray, Its fast clumping action and high absorbency prevents the litter to adhere the trays.
xi) Easy to carry, Innovational packing style eases transportation.
xii) See what you buy, Transparent bags are for the customers who would like to see what they buy.
We have two types at the moment;
Red Printed - 10Kgs.
Granules are composed of medium size. It will not stick in to the cat's paw. No dust will be carried out.
Orange Printed -10Kgs.
Granules are composed of smaller than medium size. It will last longer
We claim, our exclusive clumping cat litter will be most required item in all shops where presented. Our cat litter is all natural, composed of NATURAL White Bentonite, so even the most sensitive cat shouldn't be allergic. It is very easy to clean as it clumps like a hard biscuit. The clumps can easily be removed a and disposed of. Therefore, it totally prevents the unpleasant odor besides, baby powder scent exudes as soon as the feces initiate running in to the cat litter.

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