J.M Vet Group

We are a manufacturer company of white bentonite based clumping cat litter in Turkey Besides, we are the owner of 2 mine areas which are located at the Black sea region of Turkey.
Generally, we are exporting our products to many countries in EU within our own brand and also private label basis. Most of our customers are big whole sellers, well known pet shop chains, distributors and also supermarkets.
We are the leader company in our local market with providing our products to METRO AG and MIGROS/TURKEY.
Our products combine very high absorbency with strong clumping ability and last longer with less frequency of changing. Odors are quickly and naturally eliminated with no need for additional chemicals or perfumes. The baby powder like natural aroma of our products highly comforts the cats.

In order to obtain more information about our company you can also visit www.akcatlitter.com