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AGRAS DELIC was created in 1986. At that time, Italy's pets were mainly fed on "leftovers", whilst pet food, namely the industrial food produced for cats and dogs, was in the very early stages and an entirely new concept in terms of taking care of pets. A careful observation of the behaviour of many pet owners, and indeed the pets themselves, which, over time, often became proper family members, revealed that there would indeed be a place in that newborn market of cat and dog food, for "high quality" produce.

AGRAS DELIC was therefore established with the main aim of bringing a "high quality" approach to the pet food industry, thereby meaning high quality raw materials, recipes, production processes and, accordingly, the finished product; these were concepts that had up until that point mainly been applied to food for human consumption.

And in more than 25 years of operations, Agras Delic has never once lost sight of this objective. These objectives are achieved by establishing strategic partnerships with the world's best pet food manufacturers, carefully selected after specific research and evaluation to bring only the very best foods to the market.

Pets are now considered real members of the families to whom they belong: we therefore seek to ensure the same quality, care and attention in producing food for animals, as is applied when producing food for humans.

Innovation, quality and safety are the key elements we consider in selecting production facilities, the principles guiding us in this challenge, elements that are essential to us and on which we base our commitment, day-in, day-out, to allow pet owners to feed their beloved four-legged companions with only the best quality, healthiest yet tastiest foods.

This is why the company continues to lead the single-dose wet food market segment today, marketing its products in more than 50 different countries across the globe, employing more than 60 people directly and indirectly in Italy.

Agras Delic serves both the pet shop channel and wholesale distribution, effectively covering around 3,000 customers in Italy and 50 countries internationally. With 3 operative depots measuring a total of 10,000 m2, it boasts an efficient, tried-and-tested logistics service able to supply everything from the small, specialized store through to large distribution centers promptly and attentively. The internationalization started out with Holland and Germany in 2003 before continuing throughout Europe before, just a few years later, heading beyond these confines. Today, Agras Delic products are available in more than 50 foreign countries, including Russia, Canada, Arabian countries, Caucasian countries and the Far East.

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